Welcome to Dale Sports Officiating Group

Welcome to Dale Sports Officiating Group

Welcome to Dale Sports Officiating Group Welcome to Dale Sports Officiating Group Welcome to Dale Sports Officiating Group

Our Organization

Dale Sports Officiating Group, LLC is an independent sports company that promotes and supports positive principles and leadership through physical fitness, sport activities, and sport officiating. We believe that physical fitness and participation in sports and art activities have the power to strengthen individuals both mentally and physically, and in turn, our communities. Dale Sports Officiating Group engagement strategy is to promote programs and events to encourage and mentor today’s kids in sports. We deliver impact and change through collaborations with community partners, public agencies, and sports professional throughout the nation. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to  become the example for World Class sporting officials by 2023. The company strives to create ways to find new prospective referees, grow our association by continuing to mentor our youth by giving them opportunities to learn from professionals, and strengthen our organization by continuing to build on our relationships.

Key Objectives


* To provide an acceptable outlet for youthful energy. 

* To increase participation in youth sports and recreational programs.  

* To increase youth access to fair play and unbiased sport decision making.

* To provide acceptable outlets for youth expressions via professionally refereed sport games.

* To provide mentor guidance to increased confidence and self-esteem.

* To raise adequate funding for start-up.

* Begin development implementation for the ongoing funding needs of years two through five.

*To provide adequate training, mentoring and recompense to our staff/officials to create job satisfaction.

* To create a service-based company that exceeds customer expectations.

* To increase the number of clients by at least 100% per year through superior clients’ service and aggressive marketing approach.

* Implement an effective marketing strategy to educate the community on what the company has to offer.

* Become the go-to platform for everything youth sport officiating.